2008 Concert - April event

 50th Anniversary Concert

St James Church, Woburn Road,  Central Lower Hutt
Saturday, 19th April, 7.30 pm

Brief review

Our 50th Anniversary concert on April 19 was called "Delicious Sounds" - from the 'Recipe' premiere. Soloist Yoshiko Tsuruta played a fabulous Marimba Concerto . The audience really loved it and were rewarded with an exquisite encore that brought out the swell and reverberation of the marimba as well as its percussive qualities.

Claire CowanThe World Premiere of Claire Cowan's "Recipe for Disaster" was a delight! The two conductors acted out competing opposites. Stuart Douglas wore a conservative conductor's suit and an equally conservative chef's hat. Brent Stewart was dressed for youth, topping off with a cap facing back like a streetwise 14 year-old cruising for trouble. The two orchestral halves threw genre at each other, interrupted rudely, and still played the pieces as an integrated work, as Cowan (pictured at left) had artfully designed.

Photos from the concert.

Two conductorsIain Matcham (violinist) took a lovely set of photos both at the rehearsal in the afternoon and at the concert that evening.

Iain has posted the photos up on Picasa. You can see all of the photos there.

Here are a few of those close-ups.

Yoshiko Tsuruta