Iconic Classics 

  St James Church, Woburn Rd.  Sunday 1 May 3pm  2022.

  Conductor: Donald Armstrong   

Before the concert began, The National Anthem of Ukraine was played as an 
indication of our concern at the violent Russian invasion.


 Then the audience could be seated and the concert proper begin. The picture shows a well-filled church with concert goers now able to attend with fewer restrictions.

The concert began with Mozart 's Symphony No. 40 under the baton of Donald Armstrong.


A view across the strings and ....

 orchestra from seconds

.... from the woodwind side

winds and strings

           The orchestra presents a Cup at the Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competition for the most talented player. Part of the prize for the winner is to play with the orchestra. 

Last year the winner was Cordelia Waldron, a violinist.

violin soloist
The orchestra was delighted to have her play the first movement of Mozart's Violin Concerto no 3.  
soloist soloist end
  The second half opened with the lively Overture to "Light Cavalry" with all players participating.


horns and brass

Lilburn's Second symphony completed the concert. 

Here the orchestra is happily receiving the final applause from the appreciative audience.

final applause