2020 Symphony Workshop

Sibelius: Symphony no 2 - Finale

Verdi: Nabucco Overture, Borodin: Polovtsian Dances

Covid arrows. Hutt Valley High School, Lower Hutt
Friday to Sunday, 11 - 13 September

Orchestral director: Mark Carter


We were very pleased to be able to hold our 2020 workshop. It would not have been possible at Covid level 3 restrictions, but these had eased to Level 2. Everything conformed to "social distancing level 2" which kept people apart and the combined orchestra and audience to under 100. The first thing players and later the smaller audience noticed were the arrows. In later photos you will see the audience split into one group on the stage at rear and an even smaller group near the entrance from where the photos were taken. 

      Which didn't stop us enjoying the music!

Mark conductingThe moving melodies of the Sibelius Symphony and the lively sections of the Nabucco Overture and the Polovtsian Dances provided challenges and enjoyment for all.  There was plenty for the NZSO tutors to help us with in the Saturday sectional tutoring. By Sunday, with Mark's great conducting, we had pulled it all together and the workshop finished with a rousing performance of the three pieces.

More photos from the weekend.

Overview including the majority of the small audience allowed.
Yet to start.  We had a large brass presence and they were able to enjoy the drama of all the pieces. The next picture shows the wealth of horns available. 

Brass wind and timpani.

The Polovtsian Dances were more melodic. So melodic that one tune has been stolen and is now more familiarly known as "Strangers in Paradise".  A view of the strings:
The strings, all further apart than usual
Woodwind. From piccolo near  through flutes to oboe, and clarinets and bassoon behind.

tutti end
Acknowledging the end of another inspiring workshop. We were very happy that Hutt Valley School  had the rooms to hold the many simultaneous sectionals (all in their contact bubbles) plus the space for the final concert. We did have to disappoint some potential members of the audience. All we can do is hope that ongoing measures will allow more freedom next year.   

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