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Symphony Workshop 2010

at Wellington East Girls College

The HVO Symphony Workshop is a weekend of orchestral playing with tutors from the NZSO. This year it has a change of venue as we could not be at either or our previous venues for the whole weekend. A separate page has maps and info on how to get there.

The Workshop begins on a Friday evening with introductions and then a playthrough of the music.  Saturday and Sunday morning are a mix of sectional play with each section having its own tutor, and also tutti play. Conductor Brent Stewart has the objective of you playing the Shostakovich to family and friends on the Sunday afternoon.

This year, the chosen piece is
Orchestral players come from the Blenheim to New Plymouth to Hamilton to  Napier. Many are regulars as it is a fun weekend. As we billet visitors if they wish, it is not a particularly expensive weekend. There will be an optional dinner and social evening on the Saturday evening. 

For those wanting to be in a large orchestra, playing one of the great major works, this is the weekend for you. It is a challenge, but  the tutors in the sectionals are there to guide you. The music will be sent in advance so you can get time to familiarise yourself and practice.

Message from Maestro

This is an opportunity you just cannot miss!  Shostakovich 5 - one of the most popular symphonies ever composed!  The instrumentation requirements are gargantuan, and music hire cost is likewise proportional.  However, HVO is knocking down these barriers and bringing Shostakovich to the Hutt and we would love you to come immerse yourself in this fantastic experience of learning, fun, and incredible music making!

Do not miss out - this is seriously a once-in-a-life time opportunity.

Yours in music,
Brent Stewart.

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    A colour poster of the workshop (329 kb pdf).
    A grey scale poster of the workshop (297 kb pdf).

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