An Afternoon in Spain

  St James Church, Lower Hutt.  Sunday 3pm, 6 May 2018.

  Conductor Mark Carter

Close-upThis concert was enjoyed by a large audience
   who appreciated the mid-afternoon time.

Starting with a lively performance of the overture to "The Barber of Seville", the scene was set for this visit to Spain. This view through the harp emphasises the piccolo and trumpets, which generate the intense drama we associate with the music.

Conductor Mark Carter then introduced Spain in a series of brief observations, some whimsical but brightening the sunny day still further. He moved on to a overview of the music.

Mark introducing spain and its music

Pieces by the Spanish composer Manuel De Falla followed. His ballets  "The Three Cornered Hat" and "Love, the Magician" include music of all emotions. These were shown in the moving cor anglais solo in the "Miller's Dance"  and the excitement of the "Ritual Fire Dance".
The concert concluded with the much loved Carmen Suite with it's lovely woodwind solos
 and memorable finale of the "Toreadors' Song".  Great performances by all sections
 of the orchestra made this a concert to remember.
orchestra dressed for the occasion

And in case you were wondering why the usual sombre black dress was enlivened with patches of red?  Well,  red is one of the colours of Spain and we felt it added to the drama of the occasion.