Summer in the Dowse 2017   


Dowse Square, Lower Hutt

Saturday, 11 February

Conductor Ben Robertson

Hutt City Council has created a tradition in recent years of a series of free events in  February, March in Dowse Square.  Hutt Valley Orchestra is pleased to be part of this summer celebration of cultural events in the Hutt.

Crowded into 2 gazebos

Ben conducting the rousing opening number Imperial March from Star Wars

Dowse patrons central audience
 At left, patrons of the Dowse cafe are enjoying lunch, sunshine and entertainment. 
At right, some of the audience nearer to  the orchestra. 
Left view Farewell to Brent
 Orchestra view  
audience in the shade
 It was a lovely day with sunshine and very little wind to blow the music off the stands. We do hope people enjoyed both our concert and also the ukele orchestra that followed.