2016 Symphony Workshop

Shostakovich's 10th

Chilton Saint James School. Lower Hutt
Friday to Sunday, 12th - 14th August

Orchestral directors: Brent Stewart, Ken Young


This year HVO was able to play Shostakovich's stirring 10th Symphony with the help of  players who came from other parts of the country and even one from Australia.

BrassPlayers met on Friday evening for a combined (tutti) play through.  Saturday was essentially sectional play with NZSO tutors who also contributed to the final tutti rehearsal late in the afternoon. Sunday saw more tutti play culminating in a final play of the symphony.

Photos from the weekend.

Ken Young and strings
The orchestra with the addition of the tutors.  We were very fortunate to have Ken Young conducting on Saturday.  Brent was unwell.

Horns and percussion
The brass and timpani contributed much to the dramatic effects of the symphony.

The woodwind in action.

Brent in final concert
We welcomed Brent back on the Sunday to conduct with his usual enthusiasm and sensitivity.

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