Summer Outdoor Concert 2016   

Dowse Square, Lower Hutt.  Saturday, 13 Feb.

Shady audience

This was the second Saturday of the Summer in the Dowse series. Many in the audience have found shade. The orchestra had excellent marquees provided to protect the instruments and, as a side-effect, the players. Inside the Dowse, there was a flower show plus the pictures and other displays and also coffee and lunch.
All and all, a nice summer midday. 


It opened with a juggler...

The MC welcomed the audience, then entertained with mime (and commentary) before ending with with a five ball juggle and a welcome to the orchestra. The pieces to come were quite a mixture. Radetsky's March,  Night on Bald Mountain, Phantom of the Opera, the Hall of the Mountain King, Brandenburg Concerto and a suite from South Pacific. 

And to mix some things up further, two youngsters from the audience got to conduct. Conductor Brent explained a new idea: you are not beating in time to the music but actually deciding how fast it goes. Really? Check. Then a grin as it went faster and faster.

Opening with the lively Radetsky March. 

This was the view across to the shaded audience in the top picture. Others sat on chairs;in the sun, or outside the cafe.

Dowse square

orchestra Looking towards the Dowse

Afterwards, the orchestra folded the tents, and then it was off to the cafe and thereafter the flower show.