Orchestral Fantasy Oct 2015   

Chilton Saint James School, Lower Hutt

Saturday, 31st October, 2015

Conductor: Ben Robertson


Alison concertmasterThis year is unusual with five distinct programmes being played, having started in January with Summer in Dowse Square. In this 4th concert the pieces tended to have some sort of melodrama, either as the primary purpose (Night on Bald Mountain) or perhaps with an element of burlesque (Hall of the Mountain King). Certainly that piece allowed the brass and percussion an exuberance of fanfare. Others were more melancholy, and the woodwind soloists  in particular were singled out by the conductor as worthy of appreciation.

At right is the concertmaster tuning the orchestra at the start of the concert. She had a beautiful solo in the Saint-SaŽns "Danse Macabre". 

Photos from the concert.

Ben Robertson, Conductor

Guest Conductor: Ben Robertson

Our usual conductor Brent Stewart was unavailable for this concert. We were pleased to have upcoming conductor
Ben Robertson for this season.

Ben and much of the strings.
Clarinets and bassoons

Clarinet and bassoon sections

This concert utilized the full range of instruments in the
 clarinet section.  The bassoons, in the distance, enjoyed
their prominent role in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and
  "Hall of the Mountain King".  



The end of the concert.  The gallery proved a popular place to get on overview of the instruments.

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