Summer Outdoor Concert Jan 2015   

Dowse Square, Lower Hutt.  Saturday, 31 Jan.

Brent & trees

At right is a seagull. More on that later, but it was visible to the orchestra. This concert was a new experience, playing in the open with gazebos in case of excess sun or rain. Violins do not appreciate a better suntan. This was  part of the Summer in Dowse Square programme of the Hutt City Council. 

It opened with a speech...

Cellos and MayorThe Mayor opened events at noon then lolled back like a Roman Senator while the slaves toiled to entertain him.  

The photo lies.

Actually, he is having his portrait painted and luckily has something to look and listen to.  Still a bit like a senator, but the scroll he is looking fixedly at is attached to a cello.

The square was busy! Some people came over from central city shopping to listen in their lunchhour. Others were there simply to enjoy a free concert and look at work that members of the Hutt Art Society were busy with. Inside the Dowse itself was a flower show in addition to the regular museum displays. 
Dowse square

Adults, some with children
The adults below are doing the expected adult thing, sitting in the bright overcast and enjoying the haunting theme of Ravel's Bolero and Tchaikovsky's well-known Nutcracker Suite. There were a few spots of rain, but so few you could count them. The children acted as you would expect. Some watched, and some were busy.That little boy below is actually airborne, possibly to the music of the Thieving Magpie. Exuberant brass.

Bolero - Lone snare Mid bolero - half the orchestra

In the background below is the Dowse. Barely visible against the skyline, on top of a streetlight, is a seagull. That detail is the small picture this page started with.

Bolero - Lone snare Mid bolero - half the orchestra