2013 Symphony Workshop

Mahler Symphony No 1

Wellington College. Wellington
Friday to Sunday, 2nd - 4th August

Orchestral director: Brent Stewart


This year it was a little known symphony, Mahler's First. It has lovely melodies that deserve to be hummed. For the first time, the venue was Wellington College, overlooking the Basin Reserve.

Photos from the weekend.

Bell vibrating Wellington was rocked by an earthquake a fortnight before the concert, and another a fortnight after. But the only thing that rocked that weekend was the concert hall playing Mahler.

You can see via Picasa what the bell really looks like.

It is an old iron bell on a wooden support visible outside the tea area. It seems to be from a bell tower, but the wheel that enabled it to be spun is broken. It is seeing out its days as a symbol. 

Wellington College is an interesting venue. There were lots of rooms for the sectional tuitions, when the inspiring tutors from the NZSO helped players reach new heights, plus the Concert  Hall for the tutti. For those wanting a break, you could even go outside and watch the rugby and the soccer.

Opening fanfare

When a fanfare is offstage, the players can vary from sober to exhuberant. This photo is of practice, not the final concert, so a bit of exaggeration is allowed.

A wider view of much of the orchestra. There were 60 or so participants this year.

Across the second violins to the firsts with the harp.

Some of the wind, mainly horns, some flute and clarinet, and a bit of the brass in the background.

Clarinets mainly, but a bassoon in the foreground. School stages have an advantage that players can be on multiple levels, so they get a good view of the conductor. He gets a good view of them, but that isn't so important, because "the conductor hears everything".
Our thanks to support from the Winton and Margaret Bear Trust.

Thirteen higher resolution photos are available on-line in a Picasa Album.

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