2011 Second Concert - June

St James Church, Central Lower Hutt.
Saturday, 18th June, 3:30 pm.

Church window, grey skies beyond


This was a mid-winter concert, a mere four days before the shortest day.
It was an afternoon concert, so the gloom of evening had yet to descend. The window at right was photographed half way through the concert.

The two main features of the concert were the first full playing in NZ of Alfred Hill's viola concerto, and the presence of Gallery orchestra, a development orchestra currently based at Avalon School.

Gallery Orchestra.  

Gallery are conducted by Lynne Scott as one of a multitude of music activities she is involved in. The orchestra is part of Saturday morning group music lessons, and is an opportunity for developing players. Gallery opened the first half and later combined with HVO to form a large orchestra.

Of the two pieces they played on their own, one came from the beginnings of classical music, the Baroque Period. It is a suite of music based on the work of Arcangelo Corelli.who lived about 13 generations before the orchestra members.

In contrast. the second piece, 'The Chattanooga Choo Choo', was written in the middle of the twentieth century, and is a classic of big band and jazz bands. It was a major feature of a film within a year.  Gallery played this jazzy piece with verve and swing.

Gallery Orchestra

Gallery Orchestra,
playing in St James Church

Gallery Wind - through a harp

At left is a view of Gallery Wind (flute and clarinets). 

At right is Brent Stewart conducting the HVO. They came on to play Bizet's L'Arlésienne Suite No. 1.

This work featured some beautiful woodwind solos culminating in the moving woodwind ensemble section of the final Carillon.

Brent Stewart conducting

The Alfred Hill Viola Concerto with soloist John Roxburgh

Alfred Hill lived for 90 years, some of them in Australia, some in New Zealand. His viola concerto had been newly reset to reflect the scoring as indicated by the composer. Soloist John Roxburgh played this appealing and dramatic work with a passion that delighted the audience.  HVO is pleased to be able to showcase emerging talent and looks forward to hearing more of John in the future.

John Roxburch playing Alfred Hill. John Roxburgh and Orchestra

Combined orchestras

After the viola concerto, Gallery and HVO combined to play two pieces.  There was elegant playing in the Ballet from a suite by Debussy followed by a fiery rendition of a Slavonic Dance by Dvořák. The concert ended with the Chattanooga Choo Choo as an encore.

Combined orchestras. Combined orchestras
Higher resolution versions of the photos are available on-line in a Picasa Album