2010 Concert - November proms

St James Church, Central Lower Hutt.
Saturday, 20th November, 7:30 pm.

Brief review

Window FleurThe concert was a traditional "Last Night at the Proms", with classical pieces played with classical demeanour in the first half, and proms pieces played with theatre in the second.

At right is a photo of one of the windows, showing dusk light beyond.  (Pre-concert wanderings. It's a nice venue.)

To music and the concert...

The Concert Master tuning the orchestra. Picured here to contrast his 'sober' dress with his later 'proms' dress. 

From entrance to orchestra

Scene from the doorway through the church to .the
 orchestra playing in front. The Proms are a British festival,
and decoration is as traditionally British as possible.

Brass in the opening Handel.
Bonnie Riley and Orchestra 

Audience dress varied from casual-as-usual to full blown 'proms', although face paint was not in evidence. (Working up to it next year, or maybe out of respect for the Rugby Sevens.) 
Bonnie Riley and Orchestra   Bonnie Riley and Orchestra
 The opening and finale of the second half. 'Front Desk' of the first violins are now royalty. Sherlock Holmes, that notable violinist, was also playing in the orchestra. As an expert in British Law, Mr Holmes took care that his pipe was not lit in an enclosed public place.

Higher resolution version of 11 photos are available on-line in a Picasa Album. A further set by Ann-Marie Stapp are in a Facebook page.