2009 Concert - November event

 "Once Upon a Tune"

Upper Hutt Baptist Church,  Fergusson Drive
Sunday, 27th November, 7.30 pm

Little Theatre, Queens Drive, Lower Hutt.
Sunday, 29th November, 4 pm

Brief review

This theme for the concert was for pieces with a strong story line, generally with narration as part of the performance.There were two performances this time, one in Upper Hutt and two days later the second in the Little Theatre, Lower Hutt.

Members of the Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe were narrators. For Eric Coates 'The Three Bears', Sue Jones recounted the Roald Dahl poem which does an excellent job of prosecuting Goldilocks for various crimes against property. A powerful piece was the threatening Holst's 'Mars - the Bringer of War', with introduction by Barry Mawer. That appealed to adults, but for the children present, especially the large number at the afternoon concert on the Sunday, the highlight would have been 'Peter and the Wolf'. This was narrated by Peter Baldock.

Photos from the concert.

This photo was taken before the concert, to promote the event in local Newpapers

In Peter and the Wolf, various instruments prepresent different characters. The horns take the part of the wolf.

Audience listening to HVCO Conductor Brent Stewart speaking after the opening piece, the Overture to the Magic Flute.


Harp     Sue narrating
Harps have grace in looks and sound. The case against Goldilocks.
Te Omanga acceptance
The narration of 'Peter and the Wolf'.