2009 August Event

 Symphony Workshop Weekend

Chilton Saint James, Waterloo Road, Central Lower Hutt
Friday to Sunday, 7-9th August.

Brief review

2009 was a total Brahms Weekend. The 4th Symphony was the prime focus, but his short (and quick) Hungarian Dance #5 was there as a bit of light relief. As usual, tutors from the NZSO coached sectionals and observed and commented during tutti.


Chilton Saint James
We were at a new venue this year, Chilton Saint James School.
This late afternoon photo was typical of the great weather over the weekend.

After the success of last year's first Ceilidh evening, Saturday evening again had another. There was a mix of (mainly Scots) folk dances plus items of entertainment. Doreen called out the dances, and with about half present having a half remembered idea of the dance, they went very well.  The music was of course supplied by workshop participants. The opening skit was a series of supposed actors each in turn describing the day job, which involved arm waving and stooping. As they built the line up to a closely spaced quintet, the stooping rapidly became an essential means of ducking the outflung arms. Other items were poetry and a song to celebrate the increased sagacity that comes with age.

Photos from the Concert.

As usual, the weekend ended mid Sunday afternoon with a concert. Once more the brass were up on the stage, which is quite a change from peering past the bell and the music and all the other players to see if the conductor is still there. 

There are 4 photos here of the concert, and a few of the Ceilidh. There is a link to more at the end. It opened with an introduction by conductor Brent on the awesome problem Brahms felt following Beethoven.





The Ceilidh Evening.




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