2009 Concert - June event

 "From the Musician's Gallery"

St James Church, Woburn Road,  Central Lower Hutt
Sunday, 21th June, 3.30 pm

Brief review

This concert was the first time hvo had played with the Gallery Orchestra, and it was a lovely concert. The extra audience was a bonus to Te Omanga Hospice, with over $1800 able to be donated.

The concert opened with hvo playing the Suppe Overture, and then onto the substantive 'Unfinished Symphony' of Schubert. Gallery orchestra had had a workshop the previous week, which allso included other young players from around Wellington. After the intermission,  this expanded orchestra played two pieces, Handel's Royal Fireworks music and then a leap forward of  230 years to play a selection of ABBA music.  The concert concluded with a combined orchestra of hvo and Gallery players playing a Smetana Polka and then the Intermezzo by Mascagni from his One Act Opera. Conductor Brent Stewart explained how a single act with no intermission was able to have an Intermezzo inserted. In Italy, things like that are possible. 

Photos from the concert.

This photo was taken before the concert, but I like it, so I have included it.

Of course, he's not really playing the little violin. He is tuning it. The concert hadn't started yet.

Audience listening to hvo
hvo playing Schubert's Unfinished Symphony.
Brent Stewart conducting.
Gallery orchestra
The expanded Gallery orchestra playing Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks" Owen Clarke conducting.
Te Omanga acceptance
Representatives from Te Omanga Hospice speaking in reply after receiving the cheque from the benefit concert.
Both orchestras
The combined orchestras playing a finale.

The concert began at 3:30 (mid-winter) and by now light is fading a little.