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Haydn at St James

Hutt: Saturday 2nd July at 7:30 pm

St James Church, Woburn Road, Lower Hutt,

posterThe Surprise Symphony (No. 94 in G flat Major, 1792) has four movements. The initial Vivace leads on to a more sedate Andante. By anecdote, at one of the early performances, someone was sleeping at this stage, so Haydn called for a sudden fortissimo, and the surprise has been incorporated ever since. The next movement is a Minuet which had become less sedate by the end of the century, with Haydn one of those pressing the accelerator. Lastly there is a Waltz with a timpani coda.

The Trumpet Concerto was written in 1796 for a friend who had invented a better trumpet. While that invention was superceded 35 years later by the valve trumpet, the concerto has survived in part because it was written for what a trumpet could come to be. The soloist is Barrett Hocking, Principal Trumpet for Orchestra Wellington.

We acquired a set of risers for the brass last year so our brass will now get a proper view not only of the conductor but also of this wonderful player.


Door sales only (Cash or cheque, no Eftpos) 

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