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HVO in Hollywood

Saturday 23rd November, 7.30 pm:    Saint James Church, Woburn Road.

Sunday 24th November at 3 pm:    Carterton Events Centre.

Conductor:  Brent Stewart 

Soloist:  Violinist   Blythe Press 


The Hutt evening concert at Saint James which is entry by door sales.

          The Carterton afternoon event costs a bit more, but includes afternoon tea.


Lord of the Rings

"Fan fare" is popcorn. Note the space.
You gotta have space for popcorn.

A fanfare (no space) is the multi-trumpet thing done to usher in kings
   and emperors and Oscar Award announcers and the like.
It's rilly rilly serious, or off with your head.
Lone Ranger

William Tell Overture - Theme from The Lone Ranger

The radio show first aired in 1933.
It is not polite to shout  "Hi Ho Silver" during a performance.
You can ask "Who was that masked conductor" afterwards.

Rossini wrote the overture in 1829. It has four parts, Dawn, Storm, Call to Cows and lastly the famous "March of the Swiss Soldiers". The reason it sounds like a galloping horse is because that rhythm symbolised urgency and rescue.  So soldiers could march to the beat and their officers could ride beside conveying the full dit-dit-dah dit-dit-dah dit-dit  dit  dit dah. Yep, a bit of hesitancy there. That is because the horse was worried. He knew he was a big target and only being paid oats. All the grass he could loot of course, but....

Space Odyssey
Also Sprach Zarathustra  - theme from 2001, a Space Odyssey.

The movie dates from 1968, when 2001 was far far away, but the moon was nearly within reach and not long after that we'd surely be on Mars. It's all about a computer that knows better. That sort of thing happens when you let movie moguls decide their core operating systems. (OK, that's a bit vague. "their" referred to computer operating systems, but you can read it as how movie production works if you like. Not a lot of difference. We play only the Intro, before the very reasonable computer starts to byte.)

For the nerds among you, the music is a tone poem by Richard Strauss, written in 1896. This is the theme-only short version.


Schindler's List

A movie celebrating a con man who genuinely deserves to be honoured. Read the book.

    Featuring violinist Blythe Press.

Blythe Press grew up in the Wellington region, but has since spent quite a lot of time in Europe before returning. You can find more details on the  Aroha Quartet website

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera - a Medley

The phantom of the opera was a book written in 1910. Didn't do very well. However the storyline  is a gift to movie makers and this is the opera version. That is, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical which was made into a movie and I'm sure there are books written about it. Next you want a TV mini-series with a heroine and a vampire rotating in and out of alternate realities and we'll be set for another generation.

Incidentally - Not a medley of phantoms. There is no collective noun for phantoms. But you can always email us suggestions. 

Movie Spectactular

In which Batman dances with wolves, Robin.

It combines...

  • Batman
  • Dances with Wolves
  • Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves


[  Set up to start showing movie clips. ]
Pirates of the Carribean
At Worlds End, mixed with Curse of the Black Pearl

For those who do not understand this (most of humanity),
you start with the phrase "The world is your oyster",
add in a bit of "the end of the world"
    (ambiguous... It used to be Invercargill, but Tim Shadbolt fixed that)
throw in the usual villains and heroines...
and play it con braggidacio, streptioso, scherzando et misterioso
  (or as they say in Italy, osoholliwood)
Themes from 007.

Themes from way back before computer graphics, when the need for oily red explosions added seriously to California's carbon footprint. (Whereas Aston Martins are so rare they don't count.)

You'll have to guess the various movies, but one theme tune was written by Paul McCartney, and described by a musicology professor as "symphonic rock at its best".
Star Wars
Star Wars Suite 1, and The Imperial March.

Don't wars become trivialised once they are long long ago in a galaxy far far away.  You wind up in a hotel on Hollywood Boulevard being offered a choice of Suites. "The Titanic Suite is grand, sir, but the Star Wars Suite has a jacuzzi".  That is what they mean by suite, innit. 

Luckily, the Imperial March is as wonderful as ever. Restores ones belief in the ability of composers and scriptwriters to mock the mighty by stupendifying them. (Makes one re-evaluate Pomp and Circumstance...)
Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter.  Chamber of Secrets

HP&tCoC is the second novel in the series. Noted for an early sequence where Ron Weasley flies a Ford Anglia without recourse to an autopilot or hostesses or ground control or...  any control really. Navigation wasn't a problem though. He was really chuffed with it.

Themes for
   Fawkes the Phoenix    and
   Dobby the House Elf.
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings. Fellowship of the Ring

In which a trio of halflings set out to deliver a ring to Mount Doom.
One look at the address and boy, did they have serious doubts.

Lovely music by Howard Shore
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible

Theme from Mission Impossible by Lalo Schiffrin.

The theme is written with a 5⁄4 time signature which Schifrin has jokingly explained as being "for people who have five legs".

Squeezing 12 movies into one concert is also a difficult mission.
Not impossible though. Just trot out the well known themes and let memories do the rest.

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