HVO Members page


The orchestra year begins in late January.

Members of the orchestra pay a yearly subscription.  For internet banking the account number is Hutt Valley Orchestra 06 0773 0322271 00.

The standard sub is $80, reduced to $75 if you pay in February.
Students pay $40 (reduced to $35 during Feb.)

New Members - Violins

We welcome new members in sections where we are lacking.
We have enough flutes, but would dearly like to have more violins.


There are no auditions, but Grade 5 is an indicator of the technical competence needed. If the skills are somewhat rusty, you may be in a section where others carry the tricky parts and you have time over the course of a year to redevelop your lost ability. Come to a Monday practice evening and see what it's like.

For more info, email the orchestra's committee.