Life Members

Joyce SkinnerJoyce Skinner

Joyce Skinner was awarded Life membership in late 2019 on retiring from the orchestra.  She played the violin for a number of years before moving to the viola section in 1993. Her contribution to this section was much appreciated.

Pat SviatkoPat Sviatko

Pat was awarded Life Membership in February 2019 after retiring from the orchestra after playing with HVO for over thirty years. A valued member of the viola section, Pat also contributed to music in Lower Hutt as a teacher of violin and viola and by playing in quartets at weddings.

Stuart DouglasStuart Douglas

Stuart was awarded Life Membership in 2008 for a decade of contributions, much of it as our conductor. Even on retiring from permanent conducting, he has continued to help with arranging and transposing parts, and as backup conductor.

Ellis Goodyear

Ellis (clarinet) joined the orchestra in 1979 when Graham Lilley was conductor. He continued to play for 25 years. When the orchestra committee was set up in the early 1990s to lower the administrative burden off the conductor, Ellis was a founding member and treasurer. His contributions until his retirement in 2004 were very much apppreciated.

Noreen Goodyear

Noreen assisted with the smooth running of the orchestra for many years, as front-of-house during concerts, and other behind the scenes contributions.

Three Life members
Three life members are pictured here at the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the orchestra in April 2008.

 Ellis and Noreen Goodyear,
and Stuart Douglas.