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the Hutt Valley's own orchestra.


Summer in the Dowse - cancelled

Late on Thursday, the predicted weather for midday Saturday was for cloudy to fine with a mild wind. Just enough to blow unpegged music off a stand. Really nice compared to that day's winds. By late Friday we had been warned that wind would be rising with some rain. Unfortunately no good for an outside concert.  With the forecast of windgusts and concern about the gazebos there was a last minute cancellation on Saturday. Let's hope better luck next year.

Manuel De FallaThis year's concerts will be on Sunday afternoons.

 The first concert is in May and will have a Spanish theme. Pictured at right is Manuel De Falla, Spanish composer of the second and third of the concert's pieces. 

Next Concert

We want more violinsDo you play the violin?

HVO would welcome more violinists.

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