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violinAnnual Symphonic Workshop Tchaikovsky's 6th - Pathétique

This year's symphonic workshop is this coming weekend, 31 July - 2 August.

It will be at Chilton Saint James School. If you want to be a late violin registrant, go to the registrations page. Come and hear the culmination of the weekend at the workshop finale, 2 pm Sunday in the school's Jubilee Centre.

The score itself is one of Tchaikovsky’s most inspired creations. It begins, uniquely, with the sound of a very
low bassoon solo over murky strings. The soaring elastic and tender principal theme is one of Tchaikovsky’s greatest melodies. This work includes a wonderful, undanceable waltz, famously set in 5/4 time. A finale usually has a faster movement. This symphony derived its "Pathetique" name from the  intense meloncholy of this last adagio movement.
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