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Orchestral Fantasy

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        Another Christmas Cracker.

Our final concert for the year is on December 5th at Saint James Church in the centre of Lower Hutt beside the main library. This time we will be also have the Gallery Orchestra playing . They play Beethoven's Egmont Overture, and together we play The Brandenburg Concerto (Bach) and the Radetsky March (Strauss).

The HVO alone will be playing  five Christmas related pieces, ending with a repeat performance of our own "A Christmas Cracker". The 59 crackers consumed in each performance alas, cannot do a reprise. Each goes out with a bang exactly once. I hope they have them all numbered or there could be unexpected silence at the end. 

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Concert MasterOrchestral Fantasy

The October concert was at Chilton Saint James School. The pieces tended to have some sort of melodrama, either as the primary purpose (Night on Bald Mountain) or perhaps with an element of burlesque (Hall of the Mountain King). Certainly that piece allowed the brass and percussion an exuberance of fanfare. Others were more melancholy, and the woodwind soloists in particular were singled out by the conductor as worthy of appreciation.

At right is the concertmaster tuning the orchestra at the start of the concert. She had a beautiful solo in the Saint-SaŽns Danse Macabre. For more  on the concert go to last concert below.Last concert

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