Welcome to HVO 

the Hutt Valley's own orchestra.

Another year of concerts...

The schedule is up. Mark your calendars. Even let your phone know. The brighter ones like to be in on everything. Those who like a relaxed one-concert-at-a-time approach can simply click on the Next Concert button, else skip it and read on...

Next concert

Upcoming - Summer in Dowse Square

Our next concert will be in Dowse Square, as part of Hutt City Council's Summer in Dowse Square. Last year, we were there al fresco sharing with painters. Come and see us there on 13 February from 12 to 1pm. Bring lunch. It's free.

Upcoming - My Fair Lady

A major concert planned for this year is My Fair Lady, a fairy tale in the Beauty and the Beast tradition. Beauty is a Covent Garden flower seller (with dreams of moving upmarket to a shop), and the beast is an accents and language expert, who believes that a flower seller can be passed off as a duchess with a modicum of etiquette and a large dose of pronunciation training. We await: "Just you wait 'enry 'iggins just you wait."

Getting (just a few) emails about upcoming events

If you click on 'Contact us' in the navigation above left,  you will have an option to email us, and also to go (if you wish) on a list of people receiving emails notifying them of concerts.