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A Great Success - My Fair Lady

Next concert April 16 saw the biggest public concert for the year, My Fair Lady, a fairy tale in the Beauty and the Beast tradition. Beauty is a Covent Garden flower seller (Eliza Doolittle who dreams of moving upmarket to a shop). The beast (Henry Higgins, an accents and language expert) believes that a flower seller can be passed off as a duchess with a modicum of etiquette and a large dose of pronunciation training. 

It was a lovely concert, with what we think was a record audience. Pasquale did us proud as Eliza - not only a great singer, but also a very expressive actor. It is a showcase musical for a young female singer and we expect more success in the future.  Click the poster above for photos from the concert. We hope they bring enjoyable memories.

Next: Haydn Symphony - Saturday 2nd July

The July concert will feature two works by Haydn. The first is his "Surprise" Symphony (which is more memorable than calling it Symphony No 94 in G Major). The second is his Trumpet Concerto with soloist Barrett Hocking, Principal Trumpet of Orchestra Wellington. 

Next Concert

Symphony Workshop in August - Shostakovich 10th

Registrations are now open for our August Symphony Workshop. This time it is to be the 1953 symphony of Shostakovich. Places vary in availability. Go to the next workshop page and from there you can find out more, with links to availability and registration.

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