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  Last Concert, 8th April:  Home and Abroad

Elm in the evening

This was our autumn concert.

The photo at right was taken of the elm outside St Jame Church, after the last rehearsal. A setting sun, and it would be dark by the time the concert began in the evening.

It's a lovely venue, and we do like the acoustics.

As for the concert, it began with brass and gusto, with Suppe's Overture to "Light Cavalry". Click below for some photos and commentary.

Last Concert

Meantime, there is a break for us over the Easter and Anzac weekends before we start rehearsals for our next July concert, French Flair, which is part of the Hutt City Council's new Winter Festival celebrations.

Symphony Workshop Weekend 

This year we are playing movements from Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique.  
Register now for this weekend 1 -3 September at Hutt Valley High School Lower Hutt.

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